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Can we create luxury hospitality through remodelling existing buildings to form a unified, modern development on a compact site?

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Park Lane Mews

Project Details

Client: CIT

Architect: BGY

Status: Tender


Structural design in brief

Remodelling/reinvention of a collection of existing buildings, including Park Lane Mews Hotel

Dialectic assessment of existing structures including stress testing masonry to determine load paths

Material of modifications to suit individual building context and alterations

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Park Lane Mews.png
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This project aims to combine and transform a collection of existing buildings to form a mixture of hotel and apartment spaces.  The buildings are of varying ages and conditions, with two of the buildings- market mews and 37 Hertford Street identified for demolition. The Park Lane Mews Hotel on Stanhope Row has thin concrete slabs with load bearing masonry walls above the first-floor level, limiting the flexibility to reconfigure the small rooms with low ceilings. This meant that the spatial constraints had to become a part of the brand, showing that luxury can be compact with intelligent design.


The block is proposed to be vertically extended through the delivery of a new CLT structure, which works within the spatial constraints to deliver high quality rooms as the profile of the building sets back, working within the capacity of the existing structure whilst minimising the carbon impact. It is also to be extended to the side, through the delivery of a new build structure on the Market Mews elevation. This building has been designed as a concrete frame as the only solution that could match the exiting structural levels, utilising walking walls to minimise the slab thickness. A new basement space will be added to extend the existing basement and creating a new subterranean cocktail lounge.


The retained block at 36 Hertford Street is listed, a traditional structure with load bearing masonry and timber floors, this defined the constraints for the delivery of the new apartments. Demolishing number 37 enables a new concrete frame to be delivered that can match the existing levels of 36. Whilst delivered in a restricted space, the proposal enables the delivery of luxury lateral apartment spaces.

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