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Can we create a sculptural form using concealed structural monocoque?

Status:            Completed

Client:             Joe Waller Fabrications
Architect:    Allen Jones

Structural Design Brief

Mixed stainless and weathering steel structure.

Concealed connection detailing.

Three point balanced structural form.


Ensuring the structural solution retains the essence of the artist’s concept is essential when designing sculptural pieces. Developing a concealed monocoque structure within the folded arch profile of the dancer required careful coordination with the fabricator to ensure that the welding could be concealed. This was further complicated by the mixture of steel types used to deliver the aesthetic. Working the design so that the stability came from the core of the piece enabled tapered edges to give the fine detailing which makes the piece so exquisite.

The design needed to take into consideration the transportation and installation as well as the final support condition. The development of a support and strapping system that worked with the points of strength enabled the piece to be transported and craned into place in one piece.

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