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As engineers, as a company and as individuals we strongly believe we have a responsibility to gain and use the knowledge and expertise of our discipline, for the benefit of our clients, collaborators and society. We do this through our work, engagement with academia and our industry and through our study and involvement with wider societal and global issues.


As engineers, we are in the fortunate position to have the knowledge and opportunity to influence the world around us.  This gives us a responsibility to use our skills to positively impact the communities and the environments we work in. We do this by working in an informed and sensitive way on projects, engaging with the sector through teaching and knowledge sharing and impacting on wider society through charitable initiatives.  We are a signatory of the UK Structural Engineers Declare Climate & Biodiversity Emergency which has synergy with our teaching and research roles. 


Our responsibility to the health and wellbeing of construction workers, maintenance personal and building users is at the forefront of our thoughts at all times. Our knowledge of all stages and processes in construction, as well as our internal processes, allows us to deliver safe designs and we are committed continuously developing these.


We endeavour to make our clients and collaborators successful.

We do this by stretching all parties involved in a project, especially  ourselves, to look further and by ensuring operations are streamlined and execution is flawless.  We are meticulous in developing our understanding of a brief, so that we can add value, give efficiencies and support the multitude of other work that must be carried out to make a project a success.

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We know that we are fundamentally an ideas business and that diversity of ideas is at the root of our success. We encourage diversity of thought by maintaining a supportive environment where people can express themselves freely.  We accept and celebrate that everyone is different. We focus on people's strengths so that individuals can become the best version of themselves and in return we become the strongest team we

can be.

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