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London Structures Lab a collective of passionate engineers who have come together to celebrate their differences and enjoy their similarities. The similarities include a love of design, of sustainability, of digital innovation and efficiency, and a belief in the benefit good design can bring to society.. We believe these components are essential to the quality of what we offer clients and collaborators. Whilst experience is essential in early assessments, analysing risk and defining strategy, we appreciate that no one person can experience everything, we use our combined knowledge and listen to the experience of our team, collaborators and associates to ensure the best project outcomes.




Technology is at the forefront of how we work. It enables us to increase productivity, improve collaboration and resolve complex issues. We strive to improve the link between design technology and construction technology, improving safety, quality and efficiency. BIM is an essential part of how this is being delivered, and we have developed our own tools and approach to integrating the design software we use with the drawing packages that deliver the design information to our collaborators.


Though research is a relatively small portion of our time, its impact on our work is significant. Through our relationship with many of the UK’s leading universities we are privilege to see, and contribute to, the latest thinking in analysis software, material specification and structural design criteria. As well as supporting research steering committees we are also actively engaged in teaching, where we find the innovation that students bring to their projects keeps us questioning the assumptions of what is ‘normal practice’ and challenging the way the industry is approached.

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