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Can we create usable external space in challenging climates with light weight forms?

Location:        Kazakhstan
Status:            Concept

Architect:    Dowen Farmer Architects

Structural Design Brief

New build timber grid shell roof between existing buildings to provide semi-conditioned space.

Range of support conditions at different buildings to allow relative movement between. these surrounding structures to account for seismic movements.

The Plaza.jpg

This 80m by 40m grid shell roof is proposed to cover the public plaza within the shopping centre, creating a semi-conditioned space to encourage al fresco F&B and adding value to the surrounding units.

Designed for the extreme temperatures and the seismic design requirements of the region, the proposed structure sits on top of the existing buildings. There is a range of support conditions, specific to the building the support interacts with, enabling the roof to move relative to some of them.

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