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Can we create a dynamic and sustainable futuristic environment
- powered by clean energy?

Location:        Heath Park
Status:            Concept

Client:             SOG Group
Architect:    Eco Responsive Environments

Structural Design Brief

Template for low environmental impact for various

housing typologies.

Repurposing existing structures as mixed

live/ work/ laboratory/ research spaces.

Creation of integrated campus and delivery phasing strategy.


Taking a holistic approach to large scale regeneration projects enables a combination of research and practical delivery knowledge to create a harmony between innovation and practicality. 


The reutilisation of existing materials is fundamental to any sustainable design principle and effectively underpinned this scheme.  The existing structures on the campus such as laboratory, research and incubator spaces, amenity spaces and residential units, were reviewed for their capacity to be adapted and expanded.  The existing embodied carbon was maximised by integrating these structures within the heart of the scheme and this defined a pivot point for the design.

Looking at low energy, low environmental impact housing solutions, from individual houses to multi-storey apartment buildings takes long term vision. The integration of standardised component-based systems, rationalised adaptability, and exemplary housing standards, requires a detailed assessment of residential design starting from first principles. The result also needs to be deliverable within an affordable framework.


Working with the team we developed component based adaptable structural system solutions that follow a pace layering philosophy. 

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