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Can we create comfortable, multi-functional landscaped spaces using 3D printed concrete?

Location:        Dubai Creek Harbour
Status:            Concept

Client:             EMAAR
Architect:    OF Studio

Structural Design Brief

3D printed concrete forms.

Pigmented concrete mixture.

Integrated digital design processes.


The concrete mixture and construction methodology were integral to developing the concept for this competition winning design. Working closely with OF Studio during the competition stage we looked at how the concrete could be minimised using robotic 3D printing to give a cost-effective solution with an aesthetic quality to the spaces being proposed. Looking at typical layerings of 25mm, with fibre reinforced red pigmented concrete to create the landscaped forms, gave the basis for the design.

Digitalising the structural analysis process to enable optimisation and design studies, enabled various configurations to be assessed for the creation of performance areas, landscape features and cost studies.

Due to the seismic design criteria in the Dubai design codes, the structural system needed to be an integration of traditionally reinforced concrete with the 3D printed landscape. Setting this as a design parameter within the geometric coordination enabled the design to be rationalised and adjusted parametrically to suit the balance between design ambition and budget constraint.

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